NXT Enterprise Services

Discover new markets with NXT. We are the expert in the field of planning your international Market Expansion.

Working with us

The NXT Enterprise Services division was established in 2015 based on a joint-venture between Trade & Investment Center (2003) and NexusNovus (2008). NXT Enterprise caters to companies and public institutions, which aim to become active in new international markets and are in need of solid market data and advise to plan their international Market Expansion Strategies.

Our Expertise

Research & Studies

– Market Quick-scan Studies
– Market Research Studies
– Feasibility Studies
– Regulation Research
– Convert data into insight


– Export Supply Chain Modeling
– Import Supply Chain Modeling
– Market Business Modeling (Market-entry)
– Landed Cost Price Modeling


– Partnering ( Partner Search & Select)
– Starting your business in new markets
– Growing your business in emerging markets
– Strengthening your business in international markets
– Transitioning your business abroad

Amacore Fish B.V.
Market Research | Turkey
BBE Biogas B.V.
Feasibility Study | India
DMT Environmental
Technologies B.V.
Feasibility Study | India
Forklift Center B.V.
Market Research | Turkey, India & Colombia
Maru Systems B.V.
Investment Preparation Study | Colombia
Meatless B.V.
Market Research | Turkey
Van den Berk Nurseries B.V.
Market Research | Turkey
Waste-2-Value Consortium
Liaison & Lobby | India


NXT International Advisory Services B.V.
Divisional Head Office
Sugar City, Suiker Silo Oost
5th Floor, Number 15, Unit 15.C
1165 MP Halfweg
+31(0)20 237 3000

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