New email credentials accounts

The new email credentials are only effective for your account. The transition, move of your mailbox will take place at Thursday 7th of June during the day.

What will happen?

– You will receive your mail, no mail will be lost.
– You can compose new mail and send this.
– During the switch it might not be going as usual
– If you experiencing any problems while mailing, realize this is due to the move, time to take a break from mailing and go to the next step

What can you do?

– check your webmail via:
– login in (username) with your emailaddress:
– your password (passwords remain the same)

Note: if you do not know your password, please send an email to I will provide you your password.

When your are not receiving any mails, please check new incoming mails (*tip*, you can do a test form another emailaddress) via, your webmail. Or wait a couple of hours and enjoy you are free of mails a moment 😉

Set your new email account in Outlook

When new mails are coming in via your webmail, you are able to set up/change your email NXT-group account in Outlook. There are many different types of email and also devices. With below settings you can re-install these.

These are the settings:
Username: your emailaddress
Password: your password
Pop/Imap server:
Smtp server: port 587

If you have any problems while changing your email account settings, do not hesitate to contact me by mail, or phone +31 6 45 77 42 17. If I am not answering by phone, I will contact you asap.